Our story

TendanceActu is a platform for cultural and artistic promotion that was created in June 2018 to sell Cameroon to Cameroonians and the world. It is true that we publish information on several fields such as fashion, movies, humor, sports and other but our main point is music and every other thing that comes with it .

Finally, we're just a group of young people, motivated by one desire: to see the Cameroonian culture having an important seat on the table where countries, considered today as leaders or examples to follow, are seated . It’s true that the task will not be an easy one to accomplish given our current socio-economical or even political situation that does not always favor growth but "when there’s life, there’s hope".

Team @TendanceActu

Our Vision

We realize that Cameroon is full of talented people who unfortunately do not have the means to put their works on the market when it is released. That’s how the idea of creating this website came into sight, on which art works as well as relevant articles on them, are found. We therefore give you the opportunity to have these music works by using the free download or streaming options provided .

Due to the fact that we are hosted on the Net, we have a very high visibility because of the "borderless" nature of this network. It allows us to be followed everywhere around the world. Because of this, we are been requested by other countries that ask us to also publish information on their arts and culture. We do it only for fair-play and it’s inevitable since Cameroonian art works are also promoted or published on foreign platforms. That’s even the reason why Cameroonian products are consumed elsewhere .